About Global Health Night

Global Health Night was initiated in the spring of 2015 by a group of students at Karolinska Institutet with a burning interest in global health. They had all experienced the wide interest in global health among the students at many different study programmes at KI. But they had also felt the frustration within the student body; the desire to integrate more global health in the study curriculum and find more and easier ways of acquiring information about career paths within global health. Being a high-ranking medical university with collaborations all around the world, Karolinska Institutet is a gateway to unlimited opportunities for students pursuing a career in the field of global health. The students just need to be informed of that gateway and of what´s on the other side.

Global Health Night is an event that brings together students, researchers and global health professionals who all share a passion for improving health and achieving health equity for people worldwide.
Global Health Night offers a unique opportunity for acquiring a broad insight into Global Health, both as a career choice and research area. Do not miss this unique opportunity to network and interact with high- profile professionals and organisations within the field of Global health!

Previous Global Health Nights

Global Health Night 2018: Words to Action

Global Health Night is back this year on April 19th at Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet. Now in the third year since the launch of the new Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030, the global health community faces several challenges and opportunities when trying to realize the ambitious and holistic agenda. Global Health Night 2018 will highlight in what ways we can work together in order to go from beautiful words to practical action. Global Health Night 2018 in Stockholm will concist of keynote talks by professionals from different fields and backgrounds related to the theme, an interactive panel discussion and a mingle with invited NGOs, speakers and researchers.

The Global Health Night in Stockholm is one of four Global Health Nights to be arranged in Sweden this spring, we are very proud to announce that Global Health Night events will also be arranged in Lund (22/3), Uppsala (17/4) and Umeå (TBA). Read more about how you can join your local event or follow the Global Health Night journey through Sweden online under: Your Local GHN.

You can also find the latest updates on the Global Health Night facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/globalhealthnight

The Global Health Night is organized in close communication with the Swedish Global Health Research Conference: How can Sweden contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? From research to action. The Global Health Night will act as the finale of the two-day conference, but is a stand-alone event. You do not need to attend the conference in order to attend the Global Health Night.

You can read more about the Swedish Global Health Research Conference 2018 here:

Global Health Night 2016: Global Goals for Global Good

The launch of the new Sustainable Development Goals, coupled with pressing global issues such as the climate change and the refugee crisis, marks a time when the global health community faces several challenges and opportunities. Through Global Health Night 2016, we would like to highlight this shift and inspire a discussion on how we can foster Global Good in science and society.
The aim of Global Health Night 2016 is to showcase ways in which the global academic community, from medicine to basic science, is working on improving health for people worldwide, and how the civil society works to overcome injustices and enhance the prospects of the global community as a whole. Together with high-profile advocates for global health and various academics from scientific and social disciplines, the event aims at inspiring students, researchers, health professionals and teachers ways to integrate global health practice in their work.

Global Health Night 2015

Global Health Night 2015 attracted an audience of more than 800 participants. The event gained a substantial amount of recognition, including being one of the recipients of the European Year of Development 2015 grant that gave the event exposure on social media and enabled it to be streamed live all over the world. The filmed event is now also used in the official KIx MOOC Global Health.

Video trailer for Global Health Night 2015: https://vimeo.com/151393135
Complete event: http://ki.se/en/education/global-health-night-2015
Documentary wrap- up video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45H31mJYW0U

Global Health Night 2015 participants
Global Health Night 2015
Hans Rosling on going abroad to work with global health
Johan Lundin
Kristina Ljungros
Hans Rosling
Mingle after the talks
Welcome to Global Health Night 2015