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Global Health Night 2018 is an event that gather students, researchers and professionals with a common vision of a world with good health for all. Global health today has to be considered in the light of our world being complex; where topics such as health, migration and climate change cannot be discussed apart from one another. Thus, there is a great need for innovative and creative solutions and an interdisciplinary approach to the global health challenges of today. Global Health Night 2018 will take place in four different cities (Lund, Uppsala, Stockholm and Umeå) where each evening will try to bring a different perspective on the topic of global health.

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LUND – 22/3

Global Health Night will take place in Lund, on the 22/3 in the lecture hall GK at BMC. The guest of the evening is Johan von Schreeb who will speak upon the topic of global disaster medicine and its challenges. The lecture will start at 18 o’ clock and end at 19:30. Afterwards we will gather for a mingle, where we will serve drinks and fingerfood. In Lund, Global Health Night 2018, is a cooperation between IFMSA Skåne, the Swedish Association for Junior Doctors, Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation (SIGHT) and Swedish Development Forum (FUF).

There is a limited number of spots for this event. You can register for the Global Health Night in Lund here:

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UPPSALA – 17/4

More information will be up soon.


More information will be up soon.